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H-hello there! :) My name's Butters, and I'm 17 years old! I like Bennigan's and nice people and lots of other things! I sure hope you'll be my friend on here!




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"no. my house is just down the block."
kenny’s grin drops and all he could think is you dumb greasy fuck just get on the bike


mr-butters said: I’ll buy you some burritos, buddy!

You will?? Aw, man, that’d be really great.

How many should I get? Hmm..

I wonder how much they each weigh…

How much do you weigh?

mr-butters asked:
Ah--! *he hadn't expected to see his dad already waiting for him - how sneaky! He lets out a yelp of surprise, but doesn't make a move to run as Stephen rushes over and lifts him up. His arms fly around him and he smiles right back, happy that his dad seemed to be enjoying himself too* You sure did! You're real good at hide-and-seek!



I am? Haha, well your father’s the best at everything! - Stephen was feeling pretty good. He did love playing with his son. Stephen holds him close and he grins- So do you want to count? Or do you want to play something else now!

- Stephen nodded and ruffled Leopold’s hair. - Alright! Start counting, Leo! - He hurried down the stairs looking around for a good hiding spot. This may have been the most fun Stephen has had in quite a while. He was glad to be spending this time with his son. He behind the kitchen counter, kneeling down in the corner. -

*he immediately did as he was told, covering his eyes and counting out loud. He didn’t even peek after his dad left the room, wanting to play fair and square even though he ended up hearing those feet clumping down the stairs. Still, he gave his dad the benefit of the doubt; after he’d finished counting the Stotch boy began his search in the upstairs bathroom, then his bedroom. Nope, nobody in there…*

Huh… I wonder where he could be…

*he continues downstairs, checking the living room, then the basement, then the study—everywhere but the kitchen until that was his only option left*

Wow, dad! You’re a really good hider! I-I hope you didn’t go outside or somethin’, cause that’s about the last place I haven’t looked!

*he starts checking the cabinets, puzzled when he still doesn’t find anyone in there*

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The other night after the raven had woken up, he be realized that he had slept way longer than he had initially meant to. Butters must have come and gone since no one was there to answer the door. He was unaware that the blond had ever even walked in and moved him back up on the bed.

Butters wasn’t exactly someone Craig hung out with often, but just like he had a soft spot for Tweek, Craig had a slight one for Butters. The soft spot for him wasn’t as big as the one he had for Tweek but it was still there. His reputation gave him a bit of a negative bite, but anyone who really knew Craig knew that he was a bit of an asshole on the outside but pretty soft and squishy on the inside.

After he had texted Butters telling him he was coming over, he got dressed quickly and headed out the door. His phone hadn’t gone off at all on his way there but he didn’t think anything of it. Without even knocking Craig let himself inside the house, calling out for the other. He waited a few moments, but no response came so he stepped forward into the living room and immediately found the other dead asleep and hanging off the couch. He gave a look at the odd sleeping position. It kinda looked painful. Clearing that thought away he grabbed the boys wrists and pulled him up back onto the couch before giving him some rough shakes. “Get up.”

Clearly the raven wasn’t as nice about letting others sleep as Butters was.

Craig pulled back from the other and sat at the other end of the couch, putting his arm up on the back of it. “Not really. You were just asleep.”

Reaching towards the side of the couch, Craig felt around a bit before finding a little button that let him recline his part of the couch back a little. Just making himself at home. “Where’s this game you wanted to show me?” he asked, flicking the boys foot to make sure he was fully awake.

He rubbed his eyes, getting that crusty stuff out from the corners, and offered a smile to the raven. “Oh, good. I didn’t wanna keep you waitin’ or nothing…” With friends like Eric around all the time, Craig’s behavior was almost second nature to him and he didn’t mind how at home he made himself at all. Getting comfortable was only to be expected.

“You hungry or thirsty? We got some snacks in the pantry if you want, and—ow!” Butters retracted his foot, more surprised than actually hurt. He was definitely up now, “What was that for?”

There wasn’t a long silence before he’d registered the other’s words – he didn’t wait for Craig’s response as he leaned over to swipe his gaming system from the coffee table. “Oh, right, the game! I think you’ll like it a lot! You wanna try playin’ it o-or do you want me to show you how to do it first?”

Without further ado, he snapped open the system and opened up the main menu, holding it close enough to Craig so that both of them could see the screen, and so that the other could take up the game from him if he wanted.→


The Stotch boy was feeling a bit sheepish, but he stepped inside anyway. The state of their house was nothing new, and he tended not to touch anything unless it was okay with Kenny. The piles of beer cans were scrunched into the corners and, though the house itself had much to be…

“Dad says smokin’ will give you aids… A-are you sure it’s okay just to have one?” His morals were still in tact, but his gullibility was starting to win him over. Kenny never offered any of that stuff for whatever reason, but Kevin was older and wiser. He probably knew better than half the kids Butters’ own age about what was okay to do and what wasn’t.

His hands landed in his lap, the knuckle-bashing momentarily put on pause as he offered his host a curious look. “Shotgunnin’? What’s that?” He asked; he’d never heard of that before…

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